Geometric - Modern Luxury Freestanding Concrete Bathtub

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Geometric by SpaCrete

This beautiful, sophisticated, and fastidiously formed modern freestanding concrete bathtub will be the centerpiece of well-designed space

Crafted from our incredibly strong engineered glass fiber reinforced concrete with our Smooth Stone™ finish and integrated slotted overflow. Available in rich standard and bespoke colors and finishes. Sealed with our Premiere Low Sheen coating

L 59-3/4in, W 29-1/2in, H 24-3/8in, D 19-1/2in, WD 15-1/2in, 70 gal, Center Drain, 395 lb

**We are currently encountering supply chain delays and orders will be delayed 8 to 10 weeks. Please Contact Us for an updated timeline and to place and order until this issue is resolved.

Specifications, Owner's Manual, Warranty

The bathtub, reimagined

The fastidiously shaped bathtubs featured in this collection are designed by Kyle Graham. “The goal was to use a substantial and modern material to deliver bold forms to an overlooked function and establish the bathtub as the centerpiece within a deserving and carefully considered space. The geometries of each piece are not only aesthetically striking, but are fundamental in its ability to be light and strong; harmony between mass, comfort, aesthetics, and strength has been tirelessly sought. The refined interior angles wrap you in a warm embrace and the smooth yet organically tactile surfaces instill complete relaxation for an unparalleled experience.”

The bathtub, re-engineered

SpaCrete’s advanced material compositions push concrete further allowing for incredible applications in modern design. Lighter, stronger, more flexible, robust, and substantial; the perfect medium for sophisticated functional sculptures. SpaCrete is relentlessly driving advancements in the industry developing innovative technologies, forms, and features, proprietary to SpaCrete and protected under patent.

Beautiful textures and finishes, with a color to match

Our soothing interior Smooth Stone™ finish feels like centuries of flowing water have polished the solid organic surface, while the beautiful exterior finishes – Smooth and Quintessential Voids – and colors – Charcoal, Titanium White, and Industrial Grey – with their voids, veining, and marbling, are deep, rich, and unique. Special edition pieces are periodically featured and when bespoke finishes are sought, our artisans will work to meet your needs

Hand Made, Exquisite Quality, Ultimate Luxury

SpaCrete bathtubs are of the highest quality and exceptional by design. Our artisans work tirelessly to refine each handmade piece into a functional piece of art, that when delivered, will inspire or complete a well-designed space. The time and skill embodied will be appreciated by the most discerning clientele

Subtle and sophisticated design features

Examples include inconspicuous arm rests – slightly wider top flanges – blended seamlessly into the outer geometries, and a bottom shadow gap separating the bathtub from the floor, giving an illusion that the piece is floating and allowing flooring materials to slide under the concealing overhang

The Perfect Size

With a 71-gallon capacity, the Signature Series is deeper, longer, and wider, complementing your space, without dominating it. The 60-inch bathtub offers a 72 inch long Double Slipper experience in a smaller footprint, with innovative design, advanced material compositions, and clever structural geometries. With a wide center and perfectly formed backrests at each end, our bathtubs comfortably accommodate two

Integrated Slotted Overflow

No need to find a plumber with special stone drills to fit an expensive external overflow. Our engineering team welcomed the challenge of integrating a sleek slotted overflow into the slim bathtub walls found only in the Signature Series. The middle overflow is tucked behind the "front" wall – hidden when viewed straight on – ensuring an uncompromised aesthetic. The overflow integrates into a standard drain and allows for a single connection to your plumbing system

Comfort is not an afterthought. It's where we started.

Rather than simply rounding the ends to form a backrest, we started with ergonomics and engineering, allowing body proportions to drive the interior's design. After many iterations, we found the most comfortable and beautiful solution, wrapping all sizes in a warm embrace, all in a 5ft footprint

Strength and Durability

SpaCrete's advanced material compositions allow for thin and light, yet incredibly strong and durable bathtubs. The engineered mixtures are much stronger and tougher than high strength concrete providing you with years of enjoyment

Weight - lighter than you thought

Designed to be significantly lighter than other concrete or stone bathtubs, and lighter than many cast iron tubs with similar water capacities, SpaCrete Concrete Bathtubs stand substantially, but at a fraction of the weight

Made in Canada

100% handmade in Canada, with 96% of the materials originating in Canada. In fact, most of raw materials are transported less than 200 km throughout their complete lifecycle before solidifying as a SpaCrete piece