Colors, textures, and finishes

SpaCrete offers 3 beautiful and unique production outer finishes on the hand-crafted Signature Series Modern Freestanding Bathtubs that feel nothing like the concrete you're used to.

Our soothing and organic interior Smooth Stone finish feels like centuries of flowing water have polished the strong and solid surface. The exterior finish is as smooth as glass, and the colors, veining, and marbling are deep, rich and unique.

Offered in three exterior finishes: Smooth, Smooth Medium and Smooth Heavy; and three beautiful standard colors: Charcoal, Titanium White, and Industrial Grey. Special edition unique serial numbered pieces are periodically featured as well.

If bespoke marbling, veins, colors, or finishes are sought, our artisans can work to meet your needs. The possibilities are endless - we can offer over 400 colors. Look through your favorite color wheel and send us the code. We will respond with a very close match!

Check out these colors for inspiration.

With an incredibly smooth surface, they offer comfortable, sturdy and warm sensation that can only be understood when felt.

They are then sealed with our Premiere Matte finish, offering incredible protection that's easy to maintain. As always, bespoke options are available by request (contact us)


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